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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 11, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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crisp and cool this november night. are there any changes on the way? >> ♪ i was once lost but now am found ♪ >> a crew ship returns. that is not all the landlubbers are saying. the emergency upgrade for parents and children. >> it is crucial to children's care. a bandit could save time and lives. >> and maya angelou. captioned by the national captioning institute breaking news from arlington. this is a live picture from
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southbound i-395 after a bus caught fire, bringing traffic to a standstill. the flames broke out on the virginia side of the 14th street bridge. firefighters are on the scene. no reports of any injuries at this point. traffic on i-395 has come to a halt. you may want to find a way around it if you have to go that way tonight. a five-day vacation nightmare is over and the passengers on board a cruise ship who adored the disastrous voyage are not talking about it. -- who in door to the disastrous voyage are now talking about it. tugboats dragged the ship to dock in san diego after it lost power on monday because of an engine fire. jay korff has the story. >> nobody on board could of imagined when the cruise ship embarked that the vacation with spiral into a trip of misery.
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for more than 3000 passengers, san diego was emotional finish to a emotional void edge. -- an emotional voyage. an engine fire left the cruise ship adrift off the coast of mexico. >> for those on the inside, it was total darkness. >> four days, passengers were treated to no lights or air- conditioning, cold showers, stopped up toilets, and rotting food. >> it was bad. just bread and butter, leftover meat credit -- leftover meat. >> at one point, a navy helicopter delivered canned meats and pop tarts. some passengers recalled in detail the mental souvenirs' they brought home with them.
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>> people getting sick, vomiting and the food area. >> there were upbeat passengers as well with a can-do attitude. >> everybody on the ship was great. we tried to make the best of it. >> i never felt like we were in danger. >> and number of agencies, including the national transportation safety board ca,e investigating the fire. carnival cruise lines says all of the passengers on board the ship will default refund, including air fare and a free cruise. they will also cancel the next crews were scheduled to depart on sunday. passengers on that trip will get a refund for their trip plus a 25% discount on a future cruise. a heartbreak in a d.c.
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neighborhood after a teenager's life was cut short. >> the 17-year-old was shot and killed late monday night. john gonzalez was at the high school. >> this teenager was here at this high school, very excited about the college life. it monday night, after doing homework, he walked to the store with a friend and never returned, attacked by a gun man. it is family is still trying to figure out why. common and unfortunate scene in this d.c. neighborhood. >> he tried to call the police, did not run. >> the recent slang has hit the community hard. it that he was trying to get his life together. >> his classmates and relatives gathered to talk, cry, and pray, standing with candles near the grieving families home, near where he was gunned down monday
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night. his mom said he always wanted to be a successful businessman. >> he said i am going to nyu and i will own espn. if that his father is pleading for the young people to come forward and speak up. if you have to talk. who knows what child will be next. >> a day before his death, his older sister talk to him. >> we get tickets to see the wizards. >> a close friend was walking with him that night and was also shot. he is recovering from his wounds, but his heart will take time. >> i just hope that justice is served. >> the police believe there could be as many as three suspects, and they could be linked to another shooting in that neighborhood two days earlier. that is still not clear if he knew his attacker.
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live in northeast, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. the fight over the future of a fairfax elementary school could take a new twist. a judge is scheduled to hear arguments from an organization spoke -- from a parent's organization about the closing of the clifton elementary school. they decided to close the school because they say it is in need of renovation that would be too costly for the county's budget. critics say it is to impart to the fabric of the neighborhood. -- critics say it is too important to the fabric of the neighborhood. bob ryan has the first look at the forecast. >> we want to have this continue, right? the high temperatures and the belfort furniture weather center, 63 degrees. delightful day, clear skies. the temperatures have tumbled.
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at dulles airport, sterling, 35 degrees. future-cast, tomorrow morning, lots of spots in the 30's, round up the plate it even. it than the temperatures rapidly rise around 50 degrees. high 50's, around 60, clear skies continuing. once again, another cold night coming up. the details coming up. a big problem is finally being sought for some parents and children living in the district. in areas east of the anacostia river were underserved with emergency pediatric care until now. >> when you have a sick child, every second counts credit for the parents here in wards 6, 7, and eight, many of them rely on public transportation, so getting to children's hospital can take a couple of hours.
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now they have a place close to home, just minutes away. this child's bone infection has spread into her system and her mother rushed her to the emergency room. >> she could have died. >> for years, families in anacostia thought they were underserved, but now they have equal access to the best pediatric care in the district. kenneth is only three weeks old. of them he was having seizures. >> he is being seen by a pediatric specialist located inside of the united medical center in southeast. >> we lost his father in april. >> she thought about taking him to the main children's national medical center in northwest, but time was precious. doctors are treating about 45 children per day here.
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the new $14 million pediatric facility was paid for by the d.c. department of health and umc. >> we have had very sick kids, kids with seizures, children with asthma. >> they see a lot of children with respiratory problems. this 2-year-old is heading home after receiving breathing treatment. infection, fevers, burns, cuts, and broken bones bring the children and. -- bring the children in. >> they want to be seen quickly. >> they have a full pediatric staff, open 24 hours a day. the nation is honoring service men and women on this veterans day. a vice-president joe biden presided over a ceremony at
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arlington national cemetery. >> we pause today to thank the more than 23 million surviving veterans who have so bravely and faithfully protected our country. >> he laid a wreath of the tomb of the unknowns. he was filling in for president obama, who is in south korea for the g-20 summit. veterans day is celebrated on november 11, the anniversary of the end of world war i. the deficit reduction commission has targeted the smithsonian museums. funding would be cut by $225 million, and they suggested charging $7.50 admission fee. the museums have been free since 1846. coming up, bernie madoff and the personal way that he is
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paying back victims. >> does the flash from a speed camera mean that you are getting a ticket? >> and maya angelous stirred hearts and spirits at the warner theatre tonight. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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author, activist, and role model maya angelou talked about her rich and trailblazer in the life at the warner theatre tonight. >> cynne simpson is live outside of the warner theatre with the exclusive look. >> the energy at the warner theater looks at lot like a music concert, with everybody eager to spend it in the evening -- to spend an evening with maya angelou. long lines, a crowd of mostly
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women overflowing with excitement. >> she has such fire and passion about life and people. she >> has overcome a lot. that inspires me to do better. >> many have studied her work. >> tonight they got a chance to see maya angelou in person. am i know i am supposed to talk about the uniqueness of my life, but everybody's life is unique. >> 82 years young and feisty as ever. >> the church, schools, nothing can go on without this. >> she is a woman of all seasons and for all people. and she invited us to her home in winston-salem, n.c., where getting around is not so easy these days.
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she said traveling to the nation's capital would be a pleasure. >> ♪ just like a tree that is planted by the water i shall not be moved ♪ >> she is just as captivating as effort. i had the opportunity to ask her if she had any plans to appear on "oprah" this last season, and she said the chances are looking good. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. the mayor of baltimore has become the latest victim of crime. a baltimore city police say somebody broke into the car that belongs to the husband of mayor stephanie rawlings blight. a satellite radio system was taken from the car. 7 on your side with the
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truth behind speed cameras. according to our partners at wtop, just because you see a flash does not mean that you will get a ticket. the chevy chase village police chief says sometimes a speed camera will flash when the cameras batteries are running low. the cameras took about 40,000 photos between april and october of this year, and half of those resulted in tickets. the government is auctioning off more things belonging to convicted ponzi scheme or bernie madoff. his boxer shorts, and his wife's collection of kosher cookbooks will go to the highest bidder. last year's auction included a monograph mets baseball jacket and an exclusive collection of rolex watches. somebody will bid on them.
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maybe the kosher cookbooks. >> i am not going there. >> are you getting tired of this weather? >> no. >> keep it coming. outside tonight, wonderful picture of the moon. when the moon is still in the crescent face, you could really see the craters on the moon. the high temperature today, a little above average. outside right now, 46 degrees. this is unusual because november, eight months in a row, we've had our temperature above average. this november is cooler than average. what a change, not only in the atmosphere over the last few weeks but in the leaves.
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i will get out of the way. this is skyline drive, the usgs camera that is up there, the changing visitation. that is three weeks ago. at the same image today, wonderful spot to be. you could almost see forever. the leaves are really gone on top of skyline drive. the middle part of the country, the warm air. our temperatures were above average. way out west is the real cold stuff, and none of that shows any signs of coming our way. the store-off new england, lots of spin in the atmosphere, but the overall pattern, the high pressure coming in, more delightful whether. the nearest weather maker will not get here until next week. overnight tonight, high pressure. during the day tomorrow that will be in on us. the next several days, and a
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cold front, that will be way out west, staying there and we have mild air as we get into the weekend. overnight tonight, heading to work and school it will be cold, 30 degrees in the colder spots. gaithersburg, winchester, charles county, temperatures in the 30's. after the cold beginning, i think it will be a delightful afternoon, the temperatures getting above average, low 60's, light north, northeast wind. excellent visibility, hardly a cloud in the sky. over the weekend, by sunday, the high clouds come our way from the weakening cool front out to the west, but still no sign of any big storms. we may get showers the early part of next week, but the next couple days into the weekend, yummy. >> we will be right back.
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a police offer seller will not be disciplined for receiving the autograph of a -- a police officer will not be disciplined for receiving the autograph of the baltimore ravens player. the player suggested he got out of a ticket in exchange for his autograph. the police department said the player did not receive any special treatment.
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much to do about nothing. it is a big thinktank between donovan mcnabb and kyle shanahan. and the capital strike lightning in the phone booth.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you
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forward. the capitals were in another physical game tonight, this time against the tampa bay lightning, and capitals prevailed 6-3. downtown, the phone booth was rocking. in the third, alexander semin playing out of his mind. bin go, 3-2. nine minutes to play, the capitals at full strength. alexander semin, the 11th goal of the year. for-to caps. alexander semin with the hat trick. the prettiest goal of the game, to alex ovechkin, the capitals win, 6-3. the redskins have to be tired of all of this donovan mcnabb talk. between espn, the nfl network, locally, the have to be nuts. the real story is donovan mcnabb and kyle shanahan have
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had long talks. they're getting on the same page for monday night and the rest of the season. >> we have an understanding of each other, some different things i like, some different things he likes. the main part about it is just for the offense to do what we need to do so at the end of the game we are in the victory formation. the jets' head coach rex ryan is facing his brother. he decided to have fun with it at his weekly press conference. >> what you think of your brother? >> i think he is a great coach and great person. there is no question about that. and he is very handsome. >> you have to love that. brian zimmerman has won another silver slugger award. his closest competitors were not
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that close. heavyweights of d.c. business and legends of boxing spent the night together raising money and fighting for kids. every year, this is one of the great nights of the year, a who's who, and the money helps cultivate quality education for low-income children of washington, d.c. joe frazier, they were all there. so many others. always philanthropic. great night, great cause. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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100% sunshine, great day.
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outside tomorrow, temperatures start in the 30's, rising to around 60. the wonderful day friday. wonderful, glorious veterans day. and the weekend will be nice, too. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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